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I drool over Node.js more than I probably should. Then again, there was a great article the other day about Javascript app engineers and their salaries…

  • HerokuHeroku is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that is built to upload your application to the cloud.  Besides that it gives us many services (NoSQLMessage Queue services and so on) to make our applications better. You need to sign up to get an account. Fortunately, there is a special account where you can upload your application for free.
  • Cloud FoundryCloud Foundry is a PaaS created by VMWare quite similar to Heroku. It has support for several development stacks (JEERuby or Node.js). As with Heroku it gives you some services (not as many than with Heroku) to your application. You can sign up for a free acount here.
  • Amazon Web Services. Both Heroku and Cloud Foundry can be consider PaaS, but with AWS we are talking about Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service). With AWS you have a machine (an instance) where you can install, deploy or use any stuff you like (a node.js application in our case). Althought, it’s quite easy to start with Heroku or Cloud Foundry than AWS I want to try AWS because it’s the base from some PaaS (Heroku uses AWS for example).  We are using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to deploy our application to the Cloud.