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Bitbucket - Briefly

EDIT: This post is a bit early, pending the publishing of a large entry on Source Code Management with a video about Git. Stay tuned for more information on what GitHub, Bitbucket, and Source Code Management are even about! ~ Brent

So I’d never really taken Bitbucket seriously. GitHub seems so much cooler. Actually, GitHub is cooler than Bitbucket. But, when comparing the two, Bitbucket is a far better fit for my personal needs. Check out Bitbucket (or, if you decide to sign up, reach out in the comments - they give out referral perks ;)

The biggest thing is that Bitbucket lets you have unlimited repositories (public or private) and Bitbucket is free for your first 5 users. GitHub will run you $7/month for 5 private repositories, and they charge by the repository - not by the user. An interesting difference in models, to be sure, but a critical one. I, for one, am more than happy planting my public and open source projects on GitHub and running my private affairs on Bitbucket. Totally, totally worth it.